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Living organically as close to nature as possible is a goal that many share. Those of us seeking natural alternatives often elect to find healthier low-chemical choices in our food, clothing, beauty aids, and household items. Some of these options may be organic, some may simply have less chemicals.

At one end of the organic ladder is the purest where the lifestyle depends on the certified organic options that are available. It is a challenge that some are willing to pursue. But, it is an option for those with the cash to spend.

Many are in an intermediate stage of the organic lifestyle. Conscious decisions can be made about supporting organic options, but because  budgets are modest, compromises of what can be done using organic products will have to be made. However,  in this stage, we can do our best to plan for a gradual replacement or acquisition of organic goods.





Green Suggestions

We all may not be able to live as green as we would like, but anything that we can do will help.
  • Drive less, go Hybrid,  walk or ride a bike

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