Green Suggestions
We have heard about these suggestions before, but it never hurts to hear them again. Some require more money than others, but do your best,


Energy Savings


Water Conservation

  • Buy energy efficient products including organic produce, eco-friendly washing cleaners for clothes and dishes including dish washer, hybrid cars, appliances
  • Drive less - walk or ride your bike, enjoy the added benefits of exercise, when you drive-make the most of every trip by combing tasks
  • Turn off lights when not in use and use energy saving light bulbs, unplug as many stand-by appliances when not in use
  • Check into solar and wind energy
  • Turn off heat or air conditioning and open your house for some period every day to conserve energy and to get fresh air in your home.

Save our water supply and protect
 the watershed and wetlands

  • Wash clothes in cold water & do full loads.
  • Run the dishwasher with full loads, scrape dishes do not rinse before placing in washer, or rinse in a small amount of water.
  •  Keep containers to collect running water while water is getting hot, which can be used for other purposes like watering plants.
  • Shower instead of baths, shorter showers and turn water off water when shaving or washing hair. We all love relaxing baths - keep them to a minimum.
  • Do not run water while brushing teeth, wet brush only then rinse when done.
  • Follow water guidelines for lawns & plants, use a hose soaker if you can.



Yard & Garden


Organically grown food requires less petroleum than the conventional method. Organic methods protect
the environment.

  • Buy organic food including fruit, vegetables, meat, frozen, dairy, canned
  • Join an organic co-op or food club
  • Grow your own organic produce
  • Install a water filtering system, or at the very least a faucet filter.
  • Eat less meat, limit poultry, eat sustainable fish, have vegetarian meals
  • Replace  plastic bags with reusable cloth bags for groceries and other shopping
  • Recycle plastic, glass and paper bags
  • Compost grass clippings, fruits & vegetable peelings - you'll get mulch and natural fertilizer
  • Mulch garden areas to retain moisture, use native plants and grasses
  • Use organic fertilizers and pest control, try to find organic weed control, but pulling weeds is good exercise



Environmental Issues

  • Fix any leaks in air/heating units
  • Use energy efficient faucets, showerheads and toilets
  • Insulate your home, pipes and water heater
  • Have houseplants to help cleanse the air.
  • Instead of dry cleaning; wash the clothes, use a eco friendlier dry cleaner, take back hangers for re-use
  • Use Eco-friendly cleaning products
  • Use recycled paper products like paper towels and toilet paper
  • Refinish furniture when possible instead of buying new
  • Utilize energy savings as listed above
  • Vote for environmentally aware candidates
  • Get involved with local efforts to protect our planet
  • Use less paper and plastic
  • Give Green gifts


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